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Antorus Progression

Check in on Edge of Extinction's Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne Progression.

Guild Information

Wondering how Edge of Extinction is run?  There are several pages of information available in our guild information pages.

Guild News

See the latest guild news and announcements from the Edge of Extinction officer team.

Edge of Extinction

is a two night raiding guild on US-Sargearas focusing on mythic progression.  We are looking to expand our roster with capable mythic raiders to push progression.

Our goals included finishing the tier in time to earn the Cutting Edge Achievement, and to get there on a reasonable raiding schedule.

As raiders that have obligations outside of the World of Warcraft we keep to our two night a week schedule with one optional night on fridays for farm content.


Join Us

Join our guild or raiding team. We are always looking for new members to contribute to killing bosses. Click the link to apply.