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A Bossmod add-on (Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mods)

This is needed for knowing when abilities are coming. You need to be able to anticipate when certain abilities are being used by a boss without a callout in Discord.

Deadly Boss Mods


RCLootCouncil and RCLootCouncil – Group Gear

This is how we manage loot, the group gear add-on allows for loot council members to see everyone’s gear and their current relics.


RCLootCouncil - Group Gear

Damage Meter, we prefer Details, but Skada and Recount work as well.

This is helpful in looking into how a pull was executed and can help you in finding ways to improve without tabbing over to warcraftlogs.


Weakauras 2

We will be passing around Weakauras for fights that require them, you need to have this add-on so that we can give you the aura.

Weakauras 2

Angry Assignments

This addon is a shared notepad that will allow the raid leader to push text to your textbox.  We use this mostly in mythic settings where assigning roles by group does not always work or where the strategy would require a long explanation that may result in some members not fully understanding their roles.

Angry Assignments

Suggested: Exorsus Raid Tools

Helps to track many different aspects of a raid. Only required for officers, but can be helpful if you want to know when certain CDs are being used.

Exorsus Raid Tools

Suggested: Simulationcraft

Useful when combined with raidbots, and the raidbots Discord. You can use the strings within this add-on to compare gear quickly.


Suggested: GTFO

This yells at you if you are standing within an avoidable damage zone. Only needed for those that struggle with dying to avoidable damage.  If you are dying a lot we may ask that you install this add-on to help.