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Guild Member Perks

Guild Repairs increase from recruit, to raider, to core. On progression raiding nights everyone’s guild repairs are increased to cover some of the cost of wiping.  Because of the costs associated with guild repairs we ask that members donate any leftover mats to the guild bank.

The guild bank holds many items needed for raid combat. Food, Flasks, Combat Potions, etc… are all included within the guild bank.

Tabs include, Reagent Deposit, Health Pots, Raid Consumables (Vantus Runes, Combat Potions, Flasks, Drums, etc.), Raid Consumables 2, Sellable Items, Officer 1, Officer 2

Donations in the form of crafting materials are always appreciated. We do not require that members donate, but donating will help the guild to fund the cost of providing these to our raiders.  If we do not have the mats then we may reach a point that we cannot afford to provide these materials.