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Edge of Extinction Ranks

Guild master

In charge of day to day operations of guild, works as head of officer team, and as a member of the loot council.


Members that lead within guild. Roles include raid leader, recruitment officer, bank officer, and role officers.  Also works with guild master on the officer team, and the raid leader on the loot council.  One officer can hold multiple roles.  The roles have different responsibilities.  Officers are expected to meet all requirements of core members, plus complete all responsibilities expected for their roles.

Officer Alt

Rank so that officers can manage guild while playing on alternate characters


Rank for core members that spend a large amount of time recruiting, has slightly more permissions for promoting and setting notes.


Raider who has excellent performance and attendance. Cannot miss a night of raiding without talking with an officer, or sending a message through other channels (another guild member), and must be ready to raid at the appointed time.  For their increased commitment members of this rank receive increased guild repairs, and priority for a slot in progression night raids, as well as priority for loot.  There will only be 10 core members at a time.


Raider who is either new to the raid team, has missed raid nights without notification, or has not met performance standards of the core rank. Recruits will be promoted to this rank after one month of adequate performance and attendance.  Members can be promoted from this rank to the rank of core after a minimum of two months of holding the raider rank, and excellent raid performance and attendance.  Members of this rank should strive for a promotion to core.

Core/Raider Alt

Rank for alternative characters for the core and raider members; receive half of the guild repairs that raider members receive.


New member that is interested in raiding on the progression raid team. There is a minimum of a one month trial period.  This can be extended due to attendance and performance concerns.  Each recruit will be given feedback prior to their promotion to raider.


Member that does not have interest in progression raiding. Can be promoted to recruit if they desire a chance to compete for a progression raiding spot.  This rank is also welcome to attend Friday night farm clears so long as there are open slots left after all online recruit, raider and core members are invited.


Rank for alternative characters of Recruits, and Social members.