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Raid Bench

We want everyone to have the enjoyment of mythic raiding, however this requires 20 people at all times. In order to have a solid 20 people we will need to have a roster of more than 20; meaning that there will be times that some members will not be in the progression night raid.

The bench is not a punitive measure for poor performance. You may be benched for myriad reasons including showing up late even if you notified officers.  The officers will always defer to the most efficient choices while still placing the raid in a position to kill bosses.  We ask that benched players be ready to raid as we may have disconnects or other issues that may require you to join the raid.  This does not mean that you have to be waiting outside the instance, but we ask that you not run any content that will not allow you to join quickly.  Please be logged into Discord so that we can get ahold of you, invite you to group, and summon within 5 minutes of asking that you join the raid.  This means that you can be doing something within game, another game, or watching TV.  So long as you can be inside the instance within 5 minutes of us asking we do not care what you choose to do.  While in Discord do not interrupt the raid as we are working on progression.  Please be courteous to guild members, as they will be to you while they are benched.

Everyone is welcome on Friday night farm raids. If we have more than 30 people (probably will not happen) priority will be given to those that sat during progression.