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Raid Nights

Progression Nights

Tuesday and Wednesday are progression raiding nights, meaning we will be doing the highest difficultly content that we can in an attempt to clear the raid. We expect that everyone will be available on these nights and be logged in and ready at the specified time (8 CST).  Ready means inside the instance if you are in the raid.  Flasks, potions, food, and vantus runes (on bosses specified by raid leader) are a requirement for these raid nights.  If you are not prepared you will not raid, and we will pull someone off the bench to replace you.  If you cannot make a raid night it is expected that you contact an officer either through game, another guild member, or through Discord (there is a phone app).  Someone that does not notify officer’s repeatedly will be demoted and eventually removed from the raid team.  If you are a recruit, raider, or core member we expect that you want to raid on these nights, and you should make yourself available to do so.

Because these nights are intended for completing bosses that we are still working on killing for the first time, wipes are to be expected. If you joined this guild thinking that wipes would be a rarity then you are not prepared for progression raiding.  It is not uncommon to have 10, 50, or over 100 wipes on a boss before the first kill.  Anyone that cannot deal with wiping this many times is not ready to be a mythic raider, and will quickly come to this realization.

We are not a top end mythic guild, as such we do not require that people play the best class or spec for a fight so long as they are playing that spec at a mythic level. That being said if the spec you have chosen is holding the group back you may be sat for another member whose spec can perform at a higher level.

Any/all issues with how the progression raid nights are run should be brought to the attention of an officer. While we will not always respond during raid for efficiencies sake, we will make sure to address them before logging off for the night.  If we forget simply remind us after the raid.  Concerns which may affect the success of the raid will be addressed immediately.

On progression nights invites will go out 15 minutes before raid so that we can summon and start pulling by 8 CST. If you are not online when invites go out then there is a chance that the spot will already be filled by those that were ready at the correct time.  It is also expected that raiders will be ready with food, flasks, and pots before raid.  Eventually these will be in the guild bank, but members should already have them ready to start pulling.

Farm Nights

On Friday nights we kill any bosses that we have on farm. This starts at 11 CST.  These raids are laid back, optional, and intended to be more casual.  However we are in the raid for a reason, and that is to get better gear to improve our chances of downing whatever bosses we are progressing on.

If you are under geared and have not been attending these raid nights it is expected that you are pugging these bosses. Loot priority will not be given to those that do not put as much effort into raiding as other members.  While these nights are optional, effort is not, and you as a raid member are expected to have gear that is suitable for the level of raiding that we are working on during progression nights.

Pots, Flasks, Food, and Vantus Runes are not a requirement of this raid night. Priority will be given to the recruit rank and up until we are full.  Social members and alts are welcome until we start wiping.