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Raid Comms

The raid voice channel is push-to-talk only. This is the only channel that requires you have push-to-talk enabled to speak.  This is to keep the sounds around raid members from interrupting the raid, and this requirement will not change.

In the past we have noticed that the Discord channel has become to flooded to hear important call outs. Keep chatter to a minimum while we are resetting after a wipe, and no external conversations will be permitted while we are mid-fight.

As soon as a pull timer is started all external conversation stops and only discussion pertaining to the fight is permitted. Once the countdown reaches 5 seconds only speak if you either are designated to give a callout mid fight, or you see something that if not handled will wipe the raid (an unsoaked armageddon on KJ).  We need to keep the chat channel clear so that everyone can remain on the same page throughout the fight.

If there is a good deal of speaking that is not necessary the raid leader may call for a “clear chat”. This means that all speaking stops and only raid fight related chat is allowed.  If a member is found to be the cause of too much chatter the officers will speak with that member, and a repeat offender may be demoted or removed from the guild.

For raid nights we expect that all members of the raid are in a location where they can at least listen to callouts in Discord. If you are in a loud area, or in an area where you cannot speak outload it is fine to respond to questions or other statements within in-game raid chat.  Anyone that cannot listen to Discord will not be invited to the raid.