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Performance and Feedback

All members are required to be able to take constructive criticism from other raid members. This does not mean that we can go out of our way to single out one person or purposely embarrass them in front of the rest of the guild.  All feedback given will be respectful and be targeted at improving the player receiving the feedback.  If you are not someone that can take this type of critique then it this may not be the correct environment for you.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly by another guild member bring it up with the officers and we will deal with it.  When offering any feedback be sure to whisper the person first so they have a chance to correct the issue before escalating the situation.  If they continue to make the same mistake then we can move to correcting them within Discord.  Poor performance to the detriment of 19 other raid members cannot be tolerated, and we as officers expect raid members to understand this.

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Giving feedback is not yelling, belittling, mocking, or being rude to another player.  You need to be able to have a degree of tact when telling someone they are not playing correctly.  If you have whispered a player multiple times and the issue has not already been brought up in Discord, let an officer know what is going on.  Having the whole raid correcting one player’s performance will only overwhelm them.  The officers may not be in a position to notice every mistake that is being made.  By passing the information on you are making the officer’s job easier when evaluating how the raid night is going, and what needs to be changed for the raid to succeed.

Performance will be based on warcraftlogs analysis and how reliable members are in dealing with mechanics. Mythic raiding requires the ability to play a class to a high level while completing the mechanics of the fight correctly.  Because of the demands of mythic raiding we will not just be looking at DPS/HPS as a measure of performance.  Getting hit by avoidable damage, or missing critical mechanics will also weigh into how we measure performance.  Officers will be available to talk to members after raid time to talk about their performance, if requested.  The officers may also approach members that need to improve their performance.

Because in order to raid mythic we need 20 members online, we have to keep a roster of more than 20 raiders. This will make raid spots competitive so we will be looking at performance, and attendance when picking people for raid slots.  This means that people who outperform other members will be given priority for raiding positions on progression nights.  If you are benched for a night there are two ways you can cope.  Either you can attempt to find a new guild, or you can work to improve and take the situation as a challenge to prove that you are better than a member that was in on the first kill.  As stated above if you are sat during a first kill, an attempt will be made to get you in on the next reclear.  This is your chance to prove that you can outperform your guild mates.  Obviously we as officers hope that you strive for improvement, as it makes the guild stronger as a whole, and helps everyone achieve the ultimate goal of completing the tier.

If you choose to search for another guild the officer team will not make any attempts to blacklist you, or push for you not to get an invite. If another guild approaches us (which does happen sometimes) about one of our members that has submitted an application we will give honest feedback to that guild.  We do not want to lose members, but we also do not want to hold anyone in a situation in which they are not having fun.  We would prefer that you notify us that you are looking at other guilds so that we know we are losing someone, and so that if we are contacted we are ready to provide quality feedback.